Welcome to Meyer Burger at SEMICON Europa

The Meyer Burger team is pleased to personally invite you to visit us at our booth B1-1815 at the upcoming SEMICON Europa taking place from November 14-17, 2017 in Munich (Germany).

Drawing upon broad experience and expertise, Meyer Burger is a worldwide operating company that provides advanced technology equipment solutions which evolved to cover a broad range of applications in various high-end markets. Come and experience our cutting edge portfolio.

With its plasma and ion beam deposition and etching technologies, Meyer Burger offers excellent solutions for high-precision coating, structuring and processing of surfaces, like manufacturing of MEMS components and sensors.

Furthermore, Meyer Burger specializes in industrial applications for functional inkjet printing, such as printed and flexible electronics, OLEDs, sensors, PCB, semiconductors, MEMS, chemical machining, 3D printing, and photovoltaics.

We proudly present our expertise in thin film encapsulation (low temperature) and barrier layer coating for rigid and flexible materials for OLEDs, OPV, thin film batteries and other sensitive flexible electronic devices.

Moreover, Meyer Burger also provides advanced cutting & slicing equipment solutions with diamond wire technology for hard and brittle materials, such as silicon, sapphire, glass, and ceramics.

You will find a wealth of application examples at our booth B1-1815. Visit us and discover how our solution portfolio will meet the challenges of tomorrow. We are looking forward to meeting you at SEMICON Europa in Munich.

Yours sincerely,

Meyer Burger Sales Team

Please e-mail to  if you’d like to arrange a meeting.

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High-end equipment for high-tech industries


on Tuesday, November 14: 12.00pm

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