Mass production inkjet printer

The PiXDRO JETx is Meyer Burger’s most advanced inkjet printing platform for functional printing applications. It is designed for 24/7 fully automated production. The JETx platform has a modular architecture and can easily be configured for a wide range of applications such as printed electronics, 3D printing, photovoltaics, OLEDs, biomedical, solder mask application, etc.

Main advantages

  • High reliability for 24/7 production
  • High accuracy, high throughput
  • Compatible with solvent based (incl. nanoparticle), aqueous , hot melt and UV-curable inks
  • Modular architecture allows integration of application specific functionality
  • Automatic print head maintenance functions (capping, purging, spitting, wiping)
  • Integrated vision systems for droplet inspection, accurate alignment, post-print inspection and calibration
  • Seamless process transfer from PiXDRO development tools to production tools
  • PiXDRO inkjet competence centre for training, print strategy and process support

Wide range of available print heads

Fujifilm DimatixOCERicoh
Konica MinoltaKyoceraSII

Wide range of options and add-ons

  • Inline UV, photonic and NIR pinning and curing
  • Clean environment
  • Glovebox integration for inert environment
  • Automatic substrate handling
  • Substrate table heating and/or cooling
  • Multi-lane or roll-to-roll setup
  • SECS/GEM interface for factory automation

Technical data of the JETx at a glance


– Size Up to 900 x 1200, larger upon request (platforms for 300/500/900 mm)
– Heating Heating up to 90°C
– Clamping Vacuum clamping
– Thickness Up to 200 mm
– Accuracy < 1 µm for each axis (X, Y and Rz)
– Resolution 0,1 micron
– Power input Three phase, 200 – 400 VAC, 50/60 Hz
5 axis motion Substrate table: X, Y, Rz; Print head: Z, Rz (all servo controlled)
Print speed Up to 1000 mm/s
Head exchange time < 10 minutes, automatic calibration
Vision systems Dropview, Printview, Advanced Drop Analysis, Alignment and Calibration
Maintenance functions Spitting, Capping, Purging and Wiping, Fast nozzle scan
Certification CE


User interface Intuitive user screen (in accordance with SEMI E10)
Nozzle scheduling Wear levelling for extended printhead lifetime and nozzle redundancy
Factory automation Full MES functionality including recipe and process statistics exchange
Advanced drop analysis Calculation of drop volume, speed and angle
Range of image formats Bitmap, EPS, PDF, Gerber, DXF, GDS II, Oasis

Inkjet specifications

Materials Solvent based (incl. nano particle), aqueous, hot melt and UV curable inks
Viscosity range 2 – 20 cP
Ink supply Automatic ink refill (static or recirculating, based on buffer tank or factory supply)