PiXDRO IP410 Automated printer

An automated industrial inkjet printer

The PiXDRO IP410 is an advanced industrial inkjet printer for functional printing applications. It is designed for process development and (pilot-)production of inkjet processes and applications. The IP410 platform is an accurate, reliable and easy to operate printing system, suitable for applications that require state-of-the-art inkjet printing technology. The IP410 has a modular design and can be configured for a wide range of applications such as printed electronics, semiconductor, PCB, photovoltaics, OLEDs, bio-medical, etc.

Main advantages

  • Automated pilot production platform optimized for your application. Also available without the automation for manual load and unload of substrates.
  • Compatible with solvent based (incl. nanoparticle), aqueous, hotmelt and UV-curable inks
  • Open architecture allows integration of new modules and control through user designed scripts
  • High accuracy enables functional samples/products
  • Excelent control over drop formation, drop placement and print strategy
  • Easy, fast and accurate change over between print heads and inks
  • Automatic print head maintenance functions (capping, purging, spitting, wiping)
  • Integrated vision systems for droplet inspection, accurate alignment, post-print inspection
  • Automatic ink supply and flush system
  • Clean process environment

Various commercially available industrial heads

Fujifilm Dimatix:S-class, S-class Hotmelt, Dual S-class, SE/SX3, Q-class, Dimatix cartridges, Samba G3L* with or without UV curing
Konica Minolta:KM512 & KM1024i with or without integrated UV curing
OCE:OCE CrystalPoint

Wide range of options and add-ons

  • Advanced drop analysis (ADA) for easy characterization of ink and print head jetting performance
  • In-line and off-line UV pinning and curing
  • Glovebox integration
  • Jetting station, enabling fast swap between active print heads and extending print head lifetime
  • Automatic substrate handling and inclusion in multi process tools

Technical data of the IP410 at a glance


– Table 415 x 530 mm
– Conditioning Up to 90°C
– Clamping Vacuum clamping
– Thickness Max. 15 mm
– Accuracy < 25 µm (3σ), < 5 µm (3σ) repeatability
– Footprint 1720 x 1080 x 1990 mm
– Weight Approx. 1100 kg (825 kg for IP410 only)
– Power input Single phase, 110-240 VAC, < 2 KVA, 50/60 Hz
5 axis motion x, y z, rotation of print head and substrate table (all servo controlled)
Exhaust utilities 35 – 750 m3/hr at 200 Pa backpressure
Head exchange time < 2 minutes
Vision systems Dropview, Printview, Advanced Drop Analysis (optional)
Maintenance Spitting, Capping, Purging and Wiping


Advanced drop analysis Calculation of drop volume, speed and angle
PrintGen Influence nozzle usage and printing sequence
Open source scripting Free programmable recipes
Range of image formats Over 120 file formats possible

Inkjet specifications

Material Solvent based (incl. nano particle), aqueous, hotmelt and UV-curable inks
Viscosity range 2 – 20 cP
Nozzle range 1 – 1,000 nozzles
Drop volume range 1 – 100 pL
Feature sizes Down to 20 µm
Printing speed Max. 500 mm/s