Meyer Burger launches full range JETx functional inkjet platform

Meyer Burger (Netherlands) announces a major extension of its JETx family of functional inkjet production tools. The family now includes standard configurations for printed products as small as several square inches up to several square meters, covering all segments of the materials printing industry. The modular JETx hardware and software architecture allows Meyer Burger to quickly configure dedicated inkjet systems for printed and flexible electronics, PCB, OLEDs, sensors, semiconductors, MEMS, chemical machining, 3D printing, photovoltaics, life science, and optical applications.

Meyer Burger recognizes adoption of functional inkjet in a wide variety of industrial applications. This is driven by the cost saving and flexibility benefits of the technology in combination with advancements in ink development, print head capabilities and equipment performance. “Our customers are eager to apply inkjet printing and, at the same time, conscious about the engineering cost and risk associated with the introduction of a new technology in their production environment”, explains Johan Verheijen, business unit manager Inkjet Printing. He continues: “We have put tremendous effort into the development of a fully modular hardware and software platform enabling us to configure an application specific inkjet printer based on proven functional modules. The fact that we can configure a tool instead of designing it from scratch, significantly reduces the engineering effort. The use of proven modules guarantees reliability, high yield, fast commissioning and overall reduction of the project risk and timelines.”

The JETx family architecture consists of a number of base platforms for very small up to very large substrates (S, M, L, XL) and a set of configurable print engines for solvent based, hotmelt and UV curable inks. The print engine includes print heads, ink supply, print head maintenance, controls software and user interface. A printing system is typically completed by e.g. a wafer handling robot for semiconductor applications, or glass handling system and inert enclosure often found in OLED and display applications.

PiXDRO JETx platform covers all printed electronics segments

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About Meyer Burger Technology Ltd

Meyer Burger is a leading global technology company specialising on innovative systems and processes based on semiconductor technologies. The company’s focus is on photovoltaics (solar industry) while its competencies and technologies also cover important areas of the semiconductor and the optoelectronic industries as well as other selected high-end markets based on semiconductor materials. Over the past ten years, Meyer Burger has risen to the forefront of the photovoltaic market and established itself as an international premium brand by offering superior precision products and innovative technologies.

Meyer Burger’s offering in systems, production equipment and services along the photovoltaic value chain includes the manufacturing processes for wafers, solar cells, solar modules and solar systems. Meyer Burger provides substantial added value to its customers and clearly differentiates itself from its competitors by focusing on the entire value chain.

The company’s comprehensive product portfolio is complemented by a worldwide service network with spare parts, consumables, process know-how, customer support, after-sales services, training and other services. Meyer Burger is represented in Europe, Asia and North America in the respective key markets and has subsidiaries and own service centres in China, Germany, India, Japan, Korea, Malaysia, the Netherlands, Switzerland, Singapore, Taiwan and the USA. The company is also working intensively to develop new markets such as South America, Africa and the Arab region. The registered shares of Meyer Burger Technology Ltd are listed on the SIX Swiss Exchange (Ticker: MBTN)