Meyer Burger announces inkjet module for OEM applications

Meyer Burger is launching a new product next to their existing product line of PiXDRO production and R&D printers. Starting from the 2nd quarter of 2017, the company is offering the core printing module of the JETx production printer family as a separate product. The so called JETx-Engine is enabling original equipment manufacturers to develop their own functional inkjet based systems, while making optimal use of Meyer Burger’s proven inkjet modules and experience.

Meyer Burger decided to launch the JETx-Engine after receiving numerous enquiries for such a module from both multinational companies and start-ups. These customers had a vision of serving their specific customer group with innovative functional inkjet technology, had developed a printing process and were defining an equipment solution. Because they were lacking the experience of building reliable industrial inkjet tools, they called for the support of Meyer Burger.

“Our JETx-Engine contains all the core functions of an inkjet printer: the printheads and ink supply, but also the printhead maintenance and the software to control the printing process”, says Joost Valeton, product manager for PiXDRO inkjet printers. Mr. Valeton adds: “A lot of our inkjet process expertise has gone into the design of our software. It is set up in a very versatile and modular way, so that the printing module can be adapted to about any functional inkjet process and integrated on the wide variety of motion platforms that our customers use for their tools. With this versatility we are able to serve, for example, semiconductor, optical or 3D printing applications and the use in roll-to-roll systems. The versatility and the fact that we offer process reliability through our proven hardware and software functionality are the main arguments for our customers to integrate the JETx-Engine into their solution. For this product we also apply a dedicated business model and a specific co-development strategy to create a real win-win for Meyer Burger and our OEM customers.”

JETx-Engine bundles all key functions for materials inkjet printing

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Meyer Burger is a leading global technology company specialising on innovative systems and processes based on semiconductor technologies. The company’s focus is on photovoltaics (solar industry) while its competencies and technologies also cover important areas of the semiconductor and the optoelectronic industries as well as other selected high-end markets based on semiconductor materials. Over the past ten years, Meyer Burger has risen to the forefront of the photovoltaic market and established itself as an international premium brand by offering superior precision products and innovative technologies.

Meyer Burger’s offering in systems, production equipment and services along the photovoltaic value chain includes the manufacturing processes for wafers, solar cells, solar modules and solar systems. Meyer Burger provides substantial added value to its customers and clearly differentiates itself from its competitors by focusing on the entire value chain.

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